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Business & Commercial Insurance

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Business & Commercial Insurance Information

Commercial Auto, General Liability, Workman's Compensation...


At Birchell Insurance Agency we understand the need for specific business insurance. Let us SAVE YOUR BUSINESS MONEY.

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QSR Quaker Special Risk

Excess Flood Division

  • The NFIP policy may only cover a portion of a loss caused by flood.    
  • Quaker Special Risk has excess flood products to meet your client’s needs for protection from a major financial loss
  • High limits are available.
  • In house binding authority for most zones and limits.   

Flood Damage CAN CAUSE a building to be Condemned 

 Infinity Commercial Auto- Reduce "Downtime" ... Hired Auto, Rental Replacement and now (Never Before Offered) Roadside Assistance.
   Effective April 28th, Infinity is PROUD to offer their new roadside assistance program for vehicles up to 54,000 pounds. Program features include towing, jump start, tire changes and lock out service.
   Call Birchell Insurance Agency for a simple quote... (407)936-1572 or (800) 978-8813.


We would like to welcome QSR- Quaker Special Risk- exclusively serving retail agents since 1960.
Having the amazing opportunity to work with this great company will open the doors for Birchell Insurance Agency to now write specialized markets focusing specifically on the following ...

Construction Management Companies
Cleaning Companies & Services
Restoration Companies
Home Health Aid Agencies
Miscellaneous Medical Professions
and many more!


Contractors & Builders on the Rebound! 11/30/2013 

  According to an article from the INSURANCE JOURNAL published November 18, 2013 there are new programs creating flexibility to assist the Contractor Segment to rebuild.  In an article published by Amy O'Conner the recession has forced the insurance industry to be more flexible and creative when it comes to insuring these class codes much like it forced contractors and builders to take on different roles and smaller jobs.

"The insurance industry has taken a binary approach to insuring construction operations with either a builders risk or installation form" says Alex McGinley from XL. "But with the change in the economy contractors are doing a lot of things they weren't doing before. When we took a look at the construction forms and truly noticed that no one product covered it all." 
Construction specialists like XL have had to refocus policies and find more flexible coverage options for this class. One such product was the Builders Risk and Installation Coverage Solutions (BRICS) that the carrier launched last year. The policy covers more types of property, including landscaping, signs and temporary structures; property at more locations; and business personal property that supports the buyer's operation. The policy also covers different types of projects like new construction, renovation, rehabilitation, alterations or additions to installation, repair improvement, erections, rigging or millwork. "This kind of product in nimble enough to insure any type of work a contractor or owner is performing." says McGinley.
The other major concern with general contractors and builders has understandably been the costs. With not as many buildings being built there wasn't enough money coming in to pay for the necessities such as paying for insurance very difficult. One of the things that we at Birchell Insurance Agency are able to offer is Flexible Payment Options for our policies. We not only have received an increase in requests for flexible payment plans, we have made it part of our culture to offer these plans as an additional step that we take in the service that we provide to everyone from potential clients to those that have been with us since day one.

The next major concern coming through the Construction Industry regarding insurance is that many contractors were financially forced to make some extremely tough decisions when watching their bottom line. It appears that many contractors had put equipment maintenance on the back burner in order to save money, so expensive and necessary equipment hasn't been properly serviced for years and may be in need of repairs. For some of the larger equipment loss control is going to be critical. At this point insurers are actually doing on-site inspections. "Maintenance is expensive and contractors have had to cut down on their maintenance budget so insurance companies are having to go out and look at the condition of the equipment" according to Annemarie Elder, Chief Underwriting Officer for XL's Inland Marine Division.

The bottom line comes down to accurately covering the contractors and builders with the appropriate coverage's while not totally erasing their bottom line. If you've got concerns or questions, we can be reached at (800)978-8813 throughout the State of Florida or by calling our General Agent  Lori Birchell at Birchell Insurance Agency locally at (47)936-1572.


                             We have some very strong markets from taking care of General Contractors, Demolition Contractors, Demolition Companies and more right through to Home Owners Associations and Management Companies.

Workmans Compensation Insurance: 


   Workers Compensation Insurance- Workers' compensation insurance covers you for an employee's on-the-job injuries. Businesses with employees are required by various state laws to carry some type of workers' compensation insurance. In most cases, workers' compensation laws prohibit the employee from bringing a negligence lawsuit against an employer for work-related injuries.


Financing Your Commercial Insurance Needs:

We also understand the financial burden of insurance premiums. We do offer the availability of financing your insurance premiums through Premium Finance Services.
Information that you might want to know about Commercial Insurance...

 Property Insurance pays for losses and damages to real or personal property. For example, a property insurance policy would cover fire damage to your office space. You can purchase additional coverages for business property, including: 

Builder's Risk Insurance Builder's risk insurance covers buildings while they are being constructed. For example, a Builder's risk policy would cover losses if a windstorm takes down your partially constructed condominium complex. 

Inland Marine Insurance Inland marine insurance covers property in transit and other people's property on your premises. For example, this insurance would cover fire-damage to customers' clothing from a fire at your dry cleaning business.  

Business Interruption Insurance Business interruption insurance covers lost income and expenses resulting from property damage or loss. For example, if a fire forces you to close your doors for two months, this insurance would reimburse you for salaries, taxes, rents, and net profits that would have been earned during the two-month period. 

Tenant's Insurance Commercial leases often require tenants to carry a certain amount of insurance. A renter's commercial policy covers damages to improvements you make to your rental space and damages to the building caused by the negligence of your employees.

Crime Insurance  Crime insurance covers theft, burglary, and robbery of money, securities, stock, and fixtures from employees and outsiders. 

Fidelity Bonds  A bond company covers losses due to a bonded employee's theft of business property and money.   

 Liability Insurance Liability Insurance covers injuries that you cause to third parties. If someone sues you for personal injuries or property damage, the cost of defending and resolving the suit would be covered by your liability insurance policy. A general liability policy will cover you for common risks, including customer injuries on your premises. More specialized varieties of liability insurance include:   

Errors and Omissions Insurance  Errors and omissions ("E & O") insurance covers inadvertent mistakes or failures that cause injury to a third party. The act must actually be an inadvertent error, and not merely poor judgment or intentional acts. For example, an E & O policy would cover damages arising from an insurance agent failing to file policy applications, or a notary forgetting to fill out notarizations properly. 

Automobile Insurance Commercial automobile policies cover the cars, vans, trucks and trailers used in your business. The coverage will reimburse you if your vehicles are damaged or stolen or if the driver injures a person or property.

Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance  This type of insurance is generally purchased by corporations and nonprofit organizations to cover the costs of lawsuits against directors and officers. 



 Prior to opening Birchell Insurance Agency we owned and operated Lori Birchell / Allstate Insurance Agency. Our agency received the following commercial awards...

 Allstate Total Commercial Producer- 2002
Allstate Total Commercial Producer- 2003 
Allstate Total Commercial Producer- 2004



You can also call us at Birchell Insurance Agency at 800-978-8813 or visit our website at http://www.birchellins.com.




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